Sealed The Deal

I’m tired you know, exhausted, ok so you know when your alarm goes off and it feels like you have just fallen asleep OR a house cat out running a cheetah. Well that would never happen but this cat is trying, going hard, running for its life. He’s aware he’s never going to win but there’s glimmers of hope, moments he believes he might, he has to hold on to that glimmer or why did he start running?

There are obstacles in the way, curve balls he jumps them. There are moments where he is in the lead, in the lead means in control, controlling the situation so it feels good; it feels warm, great, amazing, loving even.

This chase is lasting longer than I expected what feels like just over a year, there are times the cheetah is close to sealing the deal, the cat is small though so he can hide, ignore how he feels, find shelter, not leave the house, the cheetah doesn’t have a key to the cat flap.

Not taking her eye off the prize the cheetah is always ready though does she ever sleep? Why him? Why is she constantly chasing him? A game? Is it fun? She could have eaten him numerous times? She likes him, a friend? Loves him?

Shit he’s running again and running fast, I see his heart ripping out of his chest, the level has been doubled, and the heat is intense, stronger than I have ever seen before. The stakes have sored I see the determination in her eyes she’s hungry, she’s played long enough, fucked up.

Something has snapped, he’s stopped running, he’s sat there, she’s stopped sat eye to eye, she out towers him in strength, size, and emotion. Mouth open she’s ready, ready to kill, she won she’s got this.


What happens when she opens her eyes and the Lion she assumed was a cat greets her?