Mixed Signals

It’s great I mean it’s really great, going well, banter this, LOL that, winky face here, smiley face there. Its chilled we talk everyday sometimes for hours at a time.


No rush, I’m moving too fast. no actually I mean is me really wanting to see a guy after I’ve let him fuck me, me moving too fast? Yes that’s correct he fucked me. Maybe I wanted it but he made the first move.

I can’t show this amount of anger in the reply though, I mean he would think I’m nuts, you already think I’m slightly psychotic. Breathe, clam down, be sassy, funny, but to the point, use a winky face always works.

Fuck it say what you mean be real, after all it’s too late for obligatory niceness. Said it, straight in you annoyed me. Annoyed me, damn you’re an idiot he didn’t annoy you he made you RAGE! Can’t say that though keep it chilled. He replied we’re good, he wants to go chilled, chilled it is. Chilled why? Who else is he speaking too? Is it too much to ask for you to concentrate on just me we speak every day surely I take up all his time?

Done it accomplished, sex talk works a treat. I kept it chilled but he wants more he just thinks he wants its chilled he doesn’t you know. Who speaks to someone every day, morning messages, sex talk, up until all hours, facetime, phone calls, for weeks on end and then say they want to move slowly.

They don’t want to move slowly they THINK they want to move slowly they just need me to bring it out of them, I got this, and it’s not mixed signals it’s me being psychotic…. FUCK!